3D Visualisations

The whole world of 3D visualisations and computer generated imagery has exploded in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. With it, we can capture real life imagery of any proposal to clearly and accurately communicate objectives.

The buzzword is `photorealism` and the boundaries of animation are constantly being pushed back. 3D visualisation is fast becoming part of the construction documentation thanks to its accuracy and level of absolute detail. 

At Thorpe, Whyman & Briggs, we can provide a 3D visualisation service where required and we are happy to present our entire design work in a 3D format, from the initial concept, through the detailing stages and then to photo realistic visualisation - giving you a full, detailed representation of your project.


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Design. Rational and Sequential

Posted in Architectural & Interior Design on 19 Apr, 2024

Great architecture can make our world a better place by creating a positive experience. In other words, great design not only transforms spaces, but it also can transform our experience of the world, connecting with us on an emotional level.

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Research Facility, Warwick

Category: Architectural & Interior Design

This development is for a medical research facility. It is a complete new build scheme and comprises of offices and a laboratory at the business end as well as staff welfare facilities and corporate hospitality. 

Architectural Design

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Getting the point across in a brief is all about telling a story, and asking questions, because at the heart of every question is the answer...

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Property Development

Our property development scheme takes our years’ of experience and allows us to provide both a regular and urgent helping hand to to manage any size property right across England...

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Development Planning

Long term goals need long term plans, and our development planning gives you the confidence and assurance for the future of your project. We’ll help you rest assured that your ambitions...

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