Essentially, the development provides facilities for the ordering and delivery of urgent medical equipment. It is a one stop management operation whereby anybody with a need for urgent medical equipment and supplies can make contact and expect to receive anything that is demanded of them in providing medical supplies and specialist equipment, whatever they are or how intricate they are to obtain and supply. It represents a single point of contact whereby another body can deal with obtaining best value, ensuring that the market is fully investigated all to the benefit of the end user. Where timing is an essential factor, the responsibility to deliver will rest with this outsourced supplier. 

There`s more to the scheme thn that though. Staff morale is also an essential tool in ensuring high standards and ensuring best practices are maintained throughout the process. This is a relatively large facility, but has the scope to be much larger. To that end, the facility also provides for  a fantastic working environment, good dining in a relaxed environment, corporate hospitality for potential clients to engage with the on site staff and outside space for walks, jogging and later, there`s plans for sports provisions, picnic areas and natural wildlife. It is about a healthy lifestyle achieved by working in a healthy and jovial enviromnment.

 Recent Project

Research Facility, Warwick

Category: Architectural & Interior Design

This development is for a medical research facility. It is a complete new build scheme and comprises of offices and a laboratory at the business end as well as staff welfare facilities and corporate hospitality. 

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