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With an expert Multi-Disciplinary Team of Professionals at our disposal, we’re able to offer a wide variety of services right across the UK and Europe. Not just that, but with changes in technology constantly moving forward, we aim to keep up to date with current Architectural software made available to us on an annual subscription basis. We have just installed the full range range of Autodesk`s 2022 software and already we are working to improve, not just our Architectural offering, but also our 3D Topography and 3D Civils capability. 

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As a standard, all our projects are undertaken in either Revit from https://www.autodesk.co.uk or 2D AutoCAD. You’ll find the benefits of this are endless and increase as the software develops year on year. We upgrade our subscription to both services annually and we are about to upgrade again to 2022.

Our Approach to Design is constantly being upgraded to improve the accuracy of our delivery

We are happy to work in 2D and 3D Autodesk architecture packages. Like other continually advancing technologies, software for building design is no different. Commitment to the BIM (building information modelling) concept is essential to the longevity of our business and by embracing the change and believing in its benefits, our core services are now even better. At the end of the day, for us, it's about choosing the best tools to complement our relationship and deliver the best results.

Survey Data

At Thorpe, Whyman & Briggs, we are able to bring in specialists in the field of 3D Measured Building Surveys, Topographical Surveys and even Aerial Drone Surveys.  https://www.solidpoint.co.uk/  would be our preferred choice. Their system can be combined with our own to provide unbelievable levels of accuracy, which in turn leads to accurately detailed levels of technical drawings.   

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

This is currently the most accurate way to procure construction technology following a thorough architectural process. It enables our clients, our design team and any contractors to act as one and operate seamlessly, integrating the individual design disciplines of Architecture, Structures and Building Services into one model. This can then be manipulated to extract co-ordinated and reliable information quickly and without error, providing a level of integration that means you’ll benefit from;

  • A more efficient workflow,
  • Reduced errors and omissions in construction documents,
  • Identification of clashes in design elements mitigating client risks,
  • Increasingly accurate and reliable cost using materials take off,
  • Increased productivity and faster revision times,
  • Sustainable and accurate design with next to no waste,
  • Reduced need for re-works, amendments etc.,
  • Reduction in programme duration,
  • Visualisations of exactly what the finished project will look like,
  • Client certainty and confidence.

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