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Working on Residential projects is the backbone of most Architectural offerings whether that is for a house extension, conversion, a new build property, refurbishment of existing properties or brand new developments such as the one shown here. We have experience in each case scenario and we are able to offer a complete design service covering all aspects of residential design and delivery.

The project shown here is for a new apartment development to be constructed on land otherwise literally going to waste. The issue is that it is a peculiar shape and features a challenging terrain. The plan is to build 40 apartments overlooking a centralised communal space, which also offers secure parking. The apartments will have some amenity space as well to give the development a communal feel that is safe for children whilst playing. The total development is close to 32,000 sq. ft. in area and whilst there will a few amendments to the final plans, the essence of the scheme can be seen clearly in the visuals. It is bright and cheerful and architecturally pleasing on the eye.

Our role will be design the scheme in its entirety and then technically detail the design for construction. We'll form part of a design team that will bring the scheme to fruition and we`ll work closely with the Client to ensure that the scheme is completed successfully. We`re certainly looking forward to this one!

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​Moving house is probably one of the most stressful things you`ll ever have to undertake. 

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