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Staying in your own home might be a better option than moving to another location. Quite often, as the family grows and more space is needed, extending and modifying the house you currently occupy could be a mu​ch cheaper option than moving.

Over the years, we have extended a vast number of houses including extensions that have been bigger than the original house, loft conversions, garages with `granny flats` constructed over the top and conservatories built just for the shear pleasure. Our services in respect of this type of work assumes that the home owner knows very little, if anything at all, in respect of planning permission, permitted development, building regulations and, most importantly, getting value for money from building contractors. We have a procedure in place that deals with all those issues and we have experiences in all aspects of extending your home.

  1. ​Dealing with a volatile housing market is avoided.
  2. There`s no need to pack your life away in a suitcase just to move house.
  3. The end product is designed to suit your needs, whether you`ve built up, out, converted the roof space or even gone down into the ground.

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Residential Extensions and Modifications

Category: Urban & Living

​Moving house is probably one of the most stressful things you`ll ever have to undertake. 

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