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How To Achieve Good Design

Posted in Architectural & Interior Design on 18 Apr, 2016

There are clear processes involved when working towards achieving great design and meeting the ambitions of the client...


You Can Embrace Green Building without Breaking the Bank

Posted in Architectural & Interior Design on 26 Jun, 2017

It isn`t just new construction that can benefit from sustainable building practices.Smart refits and refurbishments can too, and it can be as simple as installing energy-efficient lighting or maybe upgrading to more functional building solutions. Sustainable building extends beyond the desire to help the environment and everybody from Developers to Householders are very keen to cash in on the trend. Anybody serious about the environment can achieve it through site specific environmental achievements, and `net-zero construction`, where a building generates the same level of energy as it consumes, is now a distinct possibility, owing primarily to the growing popularity of solar power. The definition of net-zero though is difficult to define and that has forced building owners to look at renewable sources.


Going Green in Construction really is the Way Forward

Posted in Architectural & Interior Design on 26 Jun, 2017

Going green has gone from being a luxury option to a necessity. For construction all over the world now, cutting long-term carbon footprints has become essential. Think about this for a minute, `In Singapore, the built environment is responsible for nearly a quarter of its carbon emissions`. For that staggering fact to change, buildings have to be constructed and run differently. Construction generally, at all levels, not just in terms of high rise office blocks and massive apartment blocks, is now able to take advantage of eco-friendly construction materials, improved energy and water consumption and, perhaps more importantly, healthier indoor space. Its not just the building owners who are embracing the changes. The buildings users, especially where they advocate corporate social responsibility, are now also demanding a better indoor environment, lower operating costs and ultimately enhanced market values.

Architectural Design

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. Getting the point across in a brief is all about telling a story, and asking questions, because at the heart of every question is the answer...

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Property Care

Having seen how schools need to operate first hand, right across England, our property care scheme takes our years’ of experience and allows us to provide both a regular and urgent helping hand to...

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Development Planning

Long term goals need long term plans, and our development planning gives you the confidence and assurance for the future of your project. We’ll help you rest assured that your ambitions...

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