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What About Laser Scanned Surveys For Example

What about Laser Scanned Surveys for example

What about Laser Scanned Surveys for example
  Published to Architectural & Interior Design on Aug 10, 2017

If you`re considering having any building works undertaken on your property then its a very good idea to have a good and accurate survey carried out as part of the design. There`s nothing worse than getting the project started only to find that the building doesn't  fit on the site because the survey carried out in the beginning was incorrect and everybody has been working on the wrong data. 

The modern method adopted includes a laser scan. Its an increasingly popular method of collecting vast amounts of data which is deadly accurate and can be collected in a short amount of time. This is particularly important where the building land is uneven or on a slope or where aspects of the existing buildings being surveyed are inaccessible with other methods of surveying. Essentially what happens is that the scanners send out a laser beam which, when it hits another surface surface, is reflected back in the direction of the scanner. The information is then stored and can be plotted later to give an accurate measurement of a building or plot of land. From a straightforward building survey to the most complicated mechanical plant surveys, the information is an invaluable resource of information.

Here at Thorpe Whyman and Briggs, the survey information forms the basis of any new design work. We can take the survey information into the design software and then either record and demolish, add and extend or massively refurbish properties based on accurate information obtained from the scan. It turn, the information we issue is accurate and cost effective.

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